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Casey Anderson; A man with a big heart for Animals / Een man met een groot hart voor Dieren.

The Love Between A Man & A Bear - De Liefde Tussen Een Man & Een Beer. Copyright Montana ,   nickname Treasure State, is untamed, wild and natural. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are just the beginning. In this short  interview  with Casey Anderson, a famous naturalist, expresses his love for Montana. During his youth he got the nickname of “Animal Magnet”.  He adopted the little bear in 2002 and in 2004 he especially created  Montana Grizzly Encounter  in Bozeman, for the now world wide famous bear Brutus with his amazing weight of 900 pound. Brutus was born in January 2002. He spent his first months in a six-foot square steel box that was his mother’s cage at a captive bear facility called Yellowstone Bear World which was overcrowded. Grizzlies born in captivity are not released into the wild for two primary reasons:   a captive-born cub lacks the education that would have been provided by its mother during its first two years in the wild;  a bear born in