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Special: Accommodations listed by State in America / Accommodaties vermeld per Staat in Amerika

Accommodations in the United States of America All based on own experience  While exploring different places and states, I’ve stayed in many different hotels. I created a list that might make looking for hotels somewhat easier for future trips The list is made by state. The marked in green I stayed in and offer some alternative hotels, with exception of New England as there is too much to choose. And States I've visited after 2015, I stopped giving an alternative. There are many more hotels you could stay but I wanted to make a handout as basis. It’s a mix of expensive and cheaper hotels, but of course there are more cheaper hotels then I have mentioned but I have to draw the line somewhere. Initially I mentioned prices but so much has changed and still changes so it’s not much use. Despite I check my website links regularly, you might bump into a link that doesn’t work. The links should bring you directly to the website of the hotels so that you can easily

Special: Travel Itineraries America / Reisverslagen Amerika

Travel Itineraries for the United States of America.  All based on my own experiences In the past 23 years I have traveled a lot and I’ve put my experiences and routes on paper. I would like to share these experiences with you and hope this will help you plan and find websites for your next travel trip more easily. In various chapters I’ve tried to create an overview about several segments. For example you’ll find: Travel reports; Hotels in America; the hotels are classified per state, those where I’ve stayed and  alternative in various price ranges. Film impression of America; Skiing in America; In this special you'll find my road trips that I've made over the past years and in a follow up I'll will highlight the hotels.If you have any questions, remarks of whatsoever, feel free to contact me. A lot of traveling and reading pleasure. ———————————————————————————————————————— In de afgelopen 23 jaar heb ik veel gereisd en heb mijn ervaringen en routes

2018 Travel Tip 2 - Explore Canyonlands National Park, UTAH / Ontdek Canyonlands National Park - Travel tip 2018 Tip 2

Canyonlands National Park, UTAH Not the Most Visited Park of UTAH but Oh zo Amazing. - Niet het Meest Bezochte Park van UTAH maar Oh zo Verbazingwekkend. Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park UTAH or The Beehive State. The state of Utah is home of 5 national parks and although Canyonlands National Park is Utah’s largest national park with 527 square miles, it is also the less visited park of the state. The park is split into three districts:  Island in the Sky 40 min northeast from Moab, The Needles 1.20u south of Moab and  The Maze is not that easy to be reached and will take you 5.30u from Moab so not fit for a day-trip.  The Colorado- and Green River literarily separate the districts. Each of the districts shares a desert atmosphere but do have their own landscapes with canyons, mesas, arches, buttes and spires. Because there are no bridges over the two rivers, there are no roads that lead from one to the other district.  More info

2018 Special - Visit The Beautiful Mills of Oud Zuilen & Castle Zuylen / Bezoek de Mooie Molens van Oud Zuilen & Slot Zuylen.

For those Interested in a Special Spot close to my Hometown - Voor diegene Geïnteresseerd in een Speciaal Plek dichtbij mijn Woonplaats. Note from the editor. As of today I will write my Blog again in English and Dutch as the google translation is not good enough to justify the stories I write.  Any feedback on this decision is very welcome. Oud Zuilen aan de Vecht Because I am proud to life in the municipality of Stichtse Vecht, I like to highlight once in a while some hotspots in this area. 2 Days ago the weather was so nice I took my bike and made a little tour, it brought me in a small village nearby called Oud Zuilen. It's not only a beautiful small village but also houses two pretty locations; The Mills of Oud Zuilen and Castle Zuylen. - Omdat ik trots ben op het feit dat ik in Gemeente Stichtse Vecht woon, wil ik soms wat hoogtepunten uit deze omgeving in het licht zetten. 2 Dagen geleden was het prachtig weer dus heb ik

Hit The Road Jack with - 19 Bijzondere Wegen in 19 Staten

50 Staten hebben tenminste 50 Meest Mooie Wegen! 19 van deze heb ik gereden en als reistip heb ik ze voor jullie op een rijtje gezet. Ik voel me rijk dat ik in de afgelopen 24 jaar door Noord-Amerika heb mogen toeren en ik hoop dat ik dat nog lang mag volhouden en dat ik nog een aantal staten aan mijn toch wel mooie rijtje kan gaan toevoegen.  Van de 50 Staten die de Verenigde Staten van Amerika of kortweg Amerika rijk is heb ik er tot nu toe 19 mogen ontdekken en heb in deze staten veel mooie dingen gezien.  De meest bekende maar ook wel minder bekende delen van deze staten ben ik tegen gekomen. Ja ik zeg 50 Staten want sommige zullen roepen het zijn er 51 maar Washington DC is geen staat van Amerika maar heeft zijn eigen gouvernementele status.  Ik heb al is eerder mijn 10 favoriete highways en byways geschreven en deze kun je terug vinden op mijn Blog via deze  link