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2018 Travel Tip 4 - The 3 WWW of Canada / De 3 WWW van Canada - Reistip 2018 Tip 4

Canada: Mountains, Forests, Lakes, Prairies, Islands and Space. The 3 WWW: Where, Why & What! - Canada: Bergen, Bossen, Meren, Prairies, Eilanden en Ruimte. De 3 WWW: Waarheen, Waarom & Wat! Spray Lakes, Canmore, Alberta I call myself blessed that I have been able to spend many holidays in Canada, in every season. Despite that, I still have not seen a lot what this beautiful country has to offer, and I am afraid that I will never succeed. Yet I would like to summarize this beautiful country for you, some may now think: yes, I have read this so many times before and that will undoubtedly be so, but there will be enough people who have never been to this beautiful country and maybe benefit from this blog. After all, it is not something you do every day. Canada consists of 10 Provinces: Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Manitoba, New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario (ON), Prince Edward Island, Quebec (QC) and Saskatchewan

Special - Impressive Drift Ice in the Netherlands - A Rare Phenomenon / Indrukwekkend Kruiend IJs in Nederland - Een zeldzaam Fenomeen - Special

The Phenomenon: Drift Ice. Certainly not something that occurs annually in the Netherlands. - Het Fenomeen: Kruiend IJs. Zeker in Nederland niet bepaald iets dat jaarlijks voorkomt. Drift ice pushed from the IJsselmeer onto the dike The severe frost from the past week in the Netherlands has kept the ice- and photography enthusiasts on their toes. Including myself. The Siberian cold from last week (from 24th of Febr.), has ensured that the Netherlands was under the spell of the ice and this cold created a special phenomenon in the Netherlands: Kruiend IJs or Drift ice. This drifting ice is often caused by strong wind after a severe frost period. Like at the IJsselmeer, the wind gets grip on the ice floes. These are pushed over each other over a large distance and finally they are pushed over each other with great force against the dikes. These plates that slide over each other form ice dams called crates. The ice floes are very impressive but also have disadvantages

2018 Travel Tip 3 - Visit the Beautiful Peninsula Marken in The Netherlands / Bezoek het Mooie Schiereiland Marken in Nederland - Reistip 2018 Tip 3

One of the Netherlands' most Popular Attractions: Marken, Municipality of Waterland And that while many Dutch people have never been there. - Een van Nederlands Populairste Trekpleisters: Marken, Gemeente Waterland Veel Nederlanders zijn er zelf nog nooit zijn geweest.  The Harbour of Marken If you have the luxury of a lot of free time and love photography, Marken is a very special place. You can spend a decent amount of time here. Especially like yesterday (3 March 2018) with a bleak wind and a frozen Markermeer. Unfortunately no drifting ice yet, but that might come by the end of the week when the ice in the lake breaks through the thaw and the wind takes its course. If the ice in the harbor and in the fairway between Marken and Volendam is gone, you can take the ferry from Marken to Volendam and vice versa. This is very nice to do, you can also take the bike with you. For example you can also park the car in Monnickendam and make a bike ride through this beautiful area. The Gro