Let’s Explore Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park

Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park stands for Beauty, Unparalleled Nature and Mountains. - Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Natuurpark staat voor Schoonheid, Ongeëvenaarde Natuur en Bergen. Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park

During this trip I did my best to find some new experiences and with Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park I was able to do so. This beautiful area is a drive between 35-60 minutes depending on where you go and which route you take, but I will be more precise somewhat later in my Blog.
Basic Information: The Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, South Tyrol’s oldest nature park, was founded in 1974. This 7,291 hectare protected area is located in the western South Tyrol Dolomites. Schlern / Sciliar mountain is an impressive formation which, together with Santner and Euringer columns, counts as one of the major landmarks of South Tyrol. The Rosengarten / Catinaccio massif, with its countless columns, is also renowned beyond the borders of…

Lady Marmolada oh no Queen Marmolada, South Tyrol - Lady Marmolada oh nee Koning Marmolada, Zuid-Tirol

The Queen of the Dolomites: The Marmolada - De Koningin van de Dolomieten: De Marmolada 
The Marmolada seen from Sella Joch/Passo Sella
During my visits to Alto Adige / South Tyrol, I’ve never had the time to visit The Queen of the Dolomites: The Marmolada. Not so strange as the Dolomites are huge and there is so many to see. But this time I thought is was time to the queen a visit and at the same time I could see where a part of the movie The Italian Job as filmed. This was at Lake Fedaia at the bottom of the mighty Marmolade.  So I created a short round trip of about 125 km including some beautiful high mountain passes, just bare in mind that short round trips in the Dolomites mostly end-up as a day trip.

The Marmolada with it’s peak, called Punta Penìa has an altitude of 3.343m peak, is high the highest peak of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and, thanks to its unique characteristics, proudly bears the nickname "Queen of the Dolomites"; the Marmolada is located …

The Valley of Activities: Ötztal, Tyrol- Something for Every Age / Het Dal van Activiteiten: Ötztal, Tirol - Iets voor Elke Leeftijd.

Ötztal: The Valley of Activities for Young and Old. - Ötztal: Het Dal van Activiteiten voor Jong en Oud.

The first part of my trip I spent in the beautiful Ötztal, a beautiful valley with many possibilities. In general, most people will enter the valley from the Inntal Authobahn but I, as stubborn as I always am, have done this with a detour via the Kühtaisattel. This is a 2017m high mountain pass in the Stubai Alps in Tyrol and is a connection between Oetz in the Ötztal and Innsbruck in the Oberinntal. The pass height is near Kühtai a well-known winter sports resort, but also popular with mountain bikers and hikers during the summer. Kühtai does have the absolute features of a winter sports resort

Basic information. The Ötztal is a side valley of the Inn Valley and belongs to the district of Imst in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The river Ötz, also called Ötztaler Ache, flows through the valley. The Ötztal runs in north-south direction and the main road, the Ötztalstraße (B 186) of 65 k…

In memory of a tragic accident / Ter nagedachtenis van een tragisch ongeluk

In Memory of Solden, 5 September 2005 - Ter Nagedachtenis van Solden, 5 September 2005

During my visit to the Rettenbach Glacier I was told that today (September 5, 2018) between 12.30-13.30h the elevator would not go.  This in connection with a tragic accident on 5 September 2005, now 13 years ago.  During a transport flight, a helicopter lost a concrete block with a weight of about 750 kilograms.  He tore a gondola from the "Schwarze Schneidbahn". 9 ski lovers lost their lives.  In memory, it is remembered every year by stopping the elevator.
Bij mijn bezoek aan de Rettenbach Gletsjer werd mij meegedeeld, dat vandaag (5 sept 2018) tussen 12.30-13.30u de lift niet zou gaan.  Dit in verband met een tragisch ongeluk op 5 sept 2005, nu 13 jaar geleden.  Tijdens een transportvlucht verloor een helikopter een betonblok met een gewicht van ongeveer 750 kilogram.  Hij scheurde een gondel van de "Schwarze Schneidbahn". Hierbij kwamen 9 skiliefhebbers om het leven.  Ter naged…

Special: Its Yellow and Big: Forest Chicken of Boskip - Eatable but also Dangerous / Eetbaar maar ook Gevaarlijk

And the Poor Tree does not even know that he is Dying! - En de Arme Boom weet niet eens dat ie doodgaat!

The sulfur fungus (Laetiporus Sulphureus) grows from April with a peak in June and then from August to October. The mushroom has a preference for oak, willow, chestnut and yew. When a tree is attacked by the fungus, brown rot arises, a fungus that causes the heartwood of the tree to shrink and also discolor reddish brown. The trunk of the tree is gradually being eroded further and further.
The sulfur mushroom is a common mushroom that can be eaten well. The flavor and texture of this mushroom are similar to chicken meat. The English name "chicken of the woods", literally translated: "forest chicken" also indicates this. When the mushroom is on a yew tree, it is not edible by the poison of the yew. Preference is given to the fungus that grows on the willow and chestnut because the fungus has a lower bitter content.
Warning: There are people who have an allergy to this m…

Special: The Nymph of Lago di Carezza, a Ladinic Saga / De Nimf van Lago di Carezza, een Ladinische Sage

The Nymph of Lago di Carezza;  Welcome to the Saga World of the Dolomites - De Nimf van Lago di Carezza; Welkom bij de Saga Wereld van de Dolomieten

The Dolomites have inspired many and created numerous sagas, such as the last saga I wrote a couple of days ago which can be found on my blog. Karl Felix Wolff (21 May 1879 – 25 November 1966) collected sagas in the 19th century and one of them is about Lago di Carezza (Karersee).  Many lakes in the Dolomites have a blue, green or blue-black water surface but Lago di Carezza glows with aquamarine combined with red and golden yellow bands.  Some think that these wonderful colors are caused by precious stones buried in the lake.  But that’s incorrect according to the following saga.
The Nymph of the Lago di Carezza/Karersee or with its Ladinic name Lec de Ergobando that means Rainbow Lake.
Once up on a time there lived a beautiful water nymph in Lago di Carezza,  she sat on the shore and sang beautiful songs. But as soon as someone approached,…

Special: The Pale Mountains, a Ladinic Saga / De Bleke Bergen, een Ladinische Sage

The Pale Mountains from South Tyrol. Welcome to the Saga World of the Dolomites - De Bleke Bergen van Zuid-Tirol; Welkom bij de Saga Wereld van de Dolomieten

One of the most beautiful and well-known saga of the Ladinic area describes how the Dolomites got their particular pale color.
A prince lived in a kingdom that was free of worries and problems. He had a wish: he wanted to visit the moon. One day he walked, while picking rhododendrons flowers, in the forest when he suddenly heard voices coming from a white cloud. In this cloud he met 2 old men and these turned out to be inhabitants of the moon.  After telling them his greatest wish, they took him to the moon and fulfilled his dream.  Arriving on the moon everything turned out to be white, the earth, the mountains, the meadows.  Nothing escaped this white color. The visit of the prince caused quite a stir because he had brought the beautiful red rhododendrons. The prince was brought to the moon-king who was accompanied by his daughte…